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Jesus Week 1: Son of God, Son of Man
Pastor Chris Sykes1/14/2024
Jesus Week 2: Royalty Reimagined.
Pastor Chris Sykes1/21/2024
Jesus Week 3: Jesus Beyond Compare
Pastor Chris Sykes1/28/2024
Jesus Week 4: #blessed
Pastor Chris Sykes2/4/2024
Jesus Week 5 - On Top of That
Pastor Chris Sykes2/11/2024
Jesus Week 6 - Non-negotiable Love
Pastor Chris Sykes2/18/2024
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Jesus Week 7 - Mega
Pastor Chris Sykes2/25/2024
Jesus Week 8 - Licensed
Jeremy Dennis +13/3/2024
Jesus Week 9 - Feeding of the 5,000
Pastor Chris Sykes3/10/2024
Jesus Week 10 - Chasing Snakes and Picking Clover
Pastor Chris Sykes3/17/2024
Jesus Week 11 - The Price
Pastor Chris Sykes3/24/2024
Easter 2024: A Bout with Easter Doubt
Pastor Chris Sykes3/31/2024